Eating corn dogs at Sioux City Summer Fest. Pulling monster cats out of the Missouri River. Absolutely nailing the seventh inning stretch singalong at the X’s game. Listening to music at Saturday in The Park. We love everything summer has to offer here in our beautiful pocket of the world.

As agreeable as summer in Siouxland might be, you still have to prepare for it. That mainly means making sure your HVAC system is up to the important task ahead: keeping you comfy while the sun does its worst.

Fortunately, transitioning your HVAC system from winter to summer is easy. Just follow these steps and you’ll stay cool as a cucumber.


Tune Up Your Air Conditioner

Of all the spring maintenance tips you should have expected from an HVAC contractor, this one is probably at the top of the list. Spring AC maintenance is only good for our business because people really do need it for many good reasons, though. It vastly decreases the risk of a poorly timed breakdown. It increases efficiency, which has the twofold benefit of reducing wear and tear on the unit and saving you money on electricity. AC maintenance also improves indoor air quality, which is especially important if anyone in your household has asthma or allergies.


Replace Your Air Conditioner

Obviously, AC replacement shouldn’t become part of your annual spring HVAC chores. It’d cost a fortune. But if your AC unit is slow to cool your home, excessively noisy, prone to freezing or overheating, failing to remove humidity, or older than 20 years, then you should consider preemptively investing in a brand new one. No one wants their AC to kick the bucket during the hottest day of summer. To add insult to injury, the hottest days are also when HVAC technicians are least available.

Want to avoid an AC catastrophe? Call O’Connor Heating & Cooling today for a high-quality replacement by Rheem!


Change Your Air Filters

If you don’t recall the last time you replaced your HVAC filter, then spring is a perfect time to do it. When you leave your windows closed all winter, you reduce air circulation, which means lots of dust and other fine particles get stuck inside your air filter. Replace it, and trust your new air filter to do a more effective job weeding out all the dirt and pollen that go hand-in-hand with spring weather.


Clean Your Ducts

Like AC replacement, ventilation duct cleaning doesn’t have to be an annual spring tradition. You should do it every three to seven years. Doing it in the springtime is preferable, however, as it lets you enjoy all that sweet air without breathing in any of the dust, dirt and other debris winter left behind. In addition to improving indoor air quality, spring duct cleaning promotes greater AC efficiency. That translates to a longer-lasting unit and real energy savings!

When Sioux City is changing seasons, homeowners and business owners count on O’Connor Heating & Cooling. We’re here to serve the tri-state area for all its AC and furnace maintenance, repair and replacement needs. Contact us today to schedule service, or to request 24/7 emergency service if things aren’t going according to plan.