Spring will be upon Sioux City before you know it. Say goodbye to slippery ice and heavy snow to shovel. Say hello to gorgeous weather and pretty flowers to pick!

Spring gives way to summer pretty quickly in these parts. That’s why you’ll want to read and begin following our spring maintenance tips today. By staying ahead of the changing seasons, you can make sure your HVAC is ready for whichever weather lies ahead!


Inspect AC

The first step is the easiest. Go and check your outdoor air conditioner unit for obvious signs of damage each spring. Maybe a big icicle dented it. Maybe the condenser’s grill was knocked in by a child who shouldn’t have been standing on top of it. Maybe the unit’s footing on its concrete pad is no longer level or stable. These and other problems like them call for professional repair.


Clear Debris Away From AC

Leaves. Branches. Dog “presents.” These are just some of the debris you may find scattered around the base of your outdoor AC unit each spring. Before you turn your AC on for the first time this year, remove anything littering the 2-foot radius around it. Trim away plants growing nearby as well. Finally, spray down the unit’s coils with a garden hose. That will safely remove a lot of caked-on winter crud.


Test AC Early

When would you rather discover that your AC isn’t working: during the spring when it’s still cool outside, or during the first hot day of summer? That’s an easy one, which is why you should get into the habit of testing out your AC by mid-May each year. All you have to do is let it run for a few trial minutes. If you encounter an issue right away, then you’ll still have plenty of time to schedule HVAC repair.


Clean Ducts

It’s recommended that you have your ducts professionally cleaned every 3 to 5 years. Cleaning your ducts every spring isn’t remotely necessary. The only one who will benefit from that would be your duct cleaning service. But if you haven’t had your ducts cleaned for a while, spring is a great time to do it. It will get rid of everything that built up over the winter, so you can enjoy fresher, cleaner spring air.


Seal Air Leaks

You should regularly seal off air leaks around any home you pay to heat and cool. You can detect air leaks by looking at every point where two different building materials meet, inside and out. That includes exterior corners, seams where the chimney meets the siding, door and window frames, and fireplace dampers. If you see a gap, crack or opening in any of these areas, heat and coolness may already be escaping your home through it.

Seal off air leaks by applying caulk to every gap you discover. If you have already noticed a draft  around a window or door, use weatherstripping to block the outdoor air’s access. If you already have weatherstripping around your windows and doors, make sure to replace it every few years. Weatherstripping gradually dries out. Once it’s dry, it’s ineffective.


Prepare Furnace for Summer

Your furnace is about to take a summer-long break. Prepare it for prolonged inactivity by doing the following each spring:

  • Clean area surrounding furnace
  • Remove stored items so furnace has about 3 feet of clearance
  • Wipe down exterior of furnace with damp cloth
  • Change air filter, which is necessary for efficient and effective AC operation as well
  • Switch off pilot, which will save you money on gas all summer
  • Test carbon monoxide detector, keeping in mind that it has a life expectancy of 5 to 7 years


Call a Pro for Spring AC and Furnace Maintenance

It’s best to have your AC and furnace professionally serviced every spring. Only regular furnace and AC maintenance can ensure reliable and energy-efficient operation, increase the lifespan of your condenser, and reduce your risk of winding up without AC on a balmy summer day – or without heat during an unseasonable cold snap.

O’Connor Heating & Cooling offers the full-service solution to all of Sioux City’s heating and cooling needs. If you need a local HVAC technician to come give your furnace and AC a full inspection this spring, then we welcome you to contact us today. And if you need a new furnace or AC installed, we have just the Rheem for the job!