You own a home. It’s located in the greater Sioux City, IA area. It has heat – or it doesn’t have heat, but you would like it to. Sounds like you need O’Connor Heating & Cooling!

Our locally owned HVAC company has proudly served Sioux City and the surrounding tri-state area for almost two decades now. We owe our success to many factors, but our versatility ranks right up there. Make no mistake: no matter its type, make, model or condition, our talented pros have the tools and the skills we need to service your heating system.



Seasonal heating system maintenance is essential to ensuring reliable operation all winter long. We recommend getting your furnace checked out by one of our technicians every fall, but it’s never too late into the winter to schedule furnace maintenance.

When you make O’Connor part of your winter preparation strategy, you won’t just rest assured that the heat will stay on all season. You’ll benefit from a more efficient heating system, which will save you money on fuel and extend the amount of time you can go before you need furnace replacement. You’ll also dramatically reduce your family’s risk of exposure to poisonous gasses resulting from a cracked heat exchanger.

Reliable operation. Lower bills. Safer performance. They’re our sole objectives every time we maintain a heating system!



All the maintenance in the world can’t eliminate the need for repairs. And to be sure: when it’s winter, pretty much any repair a furnace could need is an emergency repair. You can’t risk a breakdown that would threaten to destroy your plumbing – or worse, engulf your family in odorless, colorless and deadly gas.

Experience and integrity. These are the two ways O’Connor creates the most value for our clients. Our experience enables us to quickly suss out what’s going wrong with a furnace, as well as perform the repairs that resolve the problem completely. Our integrity is why our clients can take heart that they’ll only pay for repairs they’ll actually need. Plenty of unscrupulous HVAC techs will tell their client they need a new framistan valve, proceed to do nothing (because no such part exists), and then bill for their non-work. No so with O’Connor!



Most furnaces have a life expectancy of 15 to 20 years. Boilers and electric furnaces can go even longer. But at the end of the day, no man-made object lasts forever.

We’ll do everything in our power to keep your current furnace operational. But after a point, replacing it altogether is bound to become the more cost-effective option. Our partnership with Rheem means we can quickly install the ideal furnace for your property and budget. We chose Rheem because their products are proudly made in America, inexpensive to repair and operate, and outstandingly reliable. Rheem gives us peace of mind that we’re creating the best value whenever we install or replace a furnace for one of our clients!


We Do It All

Whether they’re gas, oil or electric, we service all furnaces. But central heating systems don’t exclusively revolve around furnaces, which is why we’ve branched out to cover all heat-generating appliances. Boilers, baseboard heaters, and even heat pumps – we service them all, because we’re determined to remain the greater Sioux City area’s go-to solution for all its heating needs. If you only need a new thermostat, then we still want to hear from you!

If you would like to schedule heating system maintenance, repair or installation, then we welcome you to contact O’Connor Heating & Cooling today. And if you’ve got the kind of heating emergency that just can’t wait, give a call right now at (712) 490-7827!