Kiss the summer goodbye! It’s time to shift gears to cold weather, which means switching over from air conditioning to heating.

Keeping your furnace purring like a kitten is key to keeping comfy in Siouxland during the fall season (and all the more so during the season that follows). That’s why we want you to know that you have a partner to help you make a seamless transition to heating. O’Connor Heating & Cooling delivers heating solutions to homes and businesses across Sioux City and the surrounding tri-state area!


We Maintain Furnaces

If you’re making the HVAC switch to heating, consider autumn the perfect time to schedule routine furnace maintenance. It helps your furnace run more efficiently during the coming cold weather, which will extend its lifespan and reduce your heating bills.

Routine maintenance gives an O’Connor HVAC technician the opportunity to look for potential problems. When we discover a worn out component or other malfunction that could cause a furnace breakdown in the near future, we get in front of the problem by performing preemptive repairs. That can save you a whole lot of grief – especially since HVAC contractors are always busiest during the coldest days of the year, which are precisely when furnace issues are likeliest to pop up.

Booking a fall furnace tune-up with O’Connor can even help you avoid a disaster. That’s because our experienced HVAC techs don’t just check air filters, dust off burners and lubricate moving parts. We’re always on the lookout for signs of impending catastrophe.

We detect and repair cracked heat exchangers before they can release deadly carbon monoxide. We address hazards before they can start house fires. (Heating equipment starts over 40,000 fires in American homes every year!) And by preventing furnace breakdowns during Siouxland’s coldest days, we don’t just keep our customers comfortable. We also protect their valuable plumbing systems from bursting.


We Fix Furnaces

Maybe your furnace is already on the fritz, and you don’t expect it to last the winter in its current condition. Or maybe you aren’t sure what your furnace is up to these days, and would like an expert HVAC technician to give it a thorough once-over. Either way, you’ve got O’Connor on your side. Our expert techs and professional equipment are available to repair any and all furnaces and other heating appliances, including:

  • Boilers
  • Oil furnaces
  • Gas furnaces
  • Electric furnaces
  • Central heating systems
  • Baseboard heaters
  • Thermostats
  • Heat pumps

We respect furnace repairs. We only advise them when they make sense in light of each customer’s budget, and do everything in our power to keep our costs low. We also don’t recommend repairs when they wouldn’t make sense from an economic standpoint. When we believe furnace replacement represents your more practical option, we’ll present the facts you’ll need before making an informed decision.

We Replace Furnaces

The average lifespan of most furnaces is 15 to 20 years. Electric furnaces and boilers both tend to last a little longer at 20 to 30 years, although any heating system is bound to give up the ghost eventually. And when yours does, you only have to call O’Connor.

We proudly sell and install high-quality heating systems by Rheem: gas furnaces, oil furnaces, heat pumps, mini-splits and air handlers. We enthusiastically partnered with Rheem because their American-made products provide several advantages to our customers. A Rheem furnace:

  • Can heat any sized home or business
  • Lasts 20+ years with proper maintenance
  • Features the reliable and durable Direct Spark ignition system
  • Features built-in diagnostics that accelerate maintenance and repair
  • Features a constant torque ECM motor that uses less electricity than a standard PSC motor
  • Features the PlusOne sensor which alerts when the furnace drain is clogged
  • Heats quietly with two-stage gas valves and reduces operating noise by 20%
  • May qualify for a federal tax incentive

Do you want to get your furnace ready for fall in Siouxland? Then we welcome you to contact O’Connor Heating & Cooling today for routine maintenance, preemptive repairs, or a Rheem furnace that will keep you and your family nice and toasty until spring arrives. If you ever need our 24/7 emergency service, just call (712) 490-7827!